1.  What is a polygraph?
2.  What does the polygraph instrument record?
3.  How accurate is the polygraph?
4.  I have been told it hurts to take a polygraph test.  Is that true?
5.  How long does a polygraph examination take?
6.  How many questions are on the test?
7.  How much does a polygraph examination cost?
8.  I work nights.  Will that affect the test?
9.  I have a medical condition.  Can I still take the test?
10. Should I stop taking my medications before my scheduled polygraph exam?
11.  I am a really nervous person.  Can I still take a test?
12.  Do drugs or alcohol affect the test?
13.  What should I do to prepare for my upcoming polygraph?

14.  Will I know what the questions are before you ask them to me on the test?
15.  Can you beat a polygraph examination?
16.  How long does it take before I know the results?
17.  What is EPPA?
18.  Does South Carolina have a polygraph license law?
19.  Polygraph isn't admissible in court, right?
20.  If I take an examination from you is it confidential?

21.  Are polygraph and a voice stress device the same thing?
22.  Can someone be with me when I take the polygraph?

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